Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Standard Panels

Sydney Trade Glass stock a complete range of 12mm glass baulstrade panels from 100mm to 1600mm in length. in 50mm increments. We have Balustrade compliant Top rails and handrails to suit all in Stainless steel finish.

Balustrading Standard panels

ITEM CODE: Height Width
BALUS-12MM-0100 970mm 100mm
BALUS-12MM-0150 970mm 150mm
BALUS-12MM-0200 970mm 200mm
BALUS-12MM-0250 970mm 250mm
BALUS-12MM-0300 970mm 300mm
BALUS-12MM-0350 970mm 350mm
BALUS-12MM-0400 970mm 400mm
BALUS-12MM-0450 970mm 450mm
BALUS-12MM-0500 970mm 500mm
BALUS-12MM-0550 970mm 550mm
BALUS-12MM-0600 970mm 600mm
BALUS-12MM-0650 970mm 650mm
BALUS-12MM-0700 970mm 700mm
BALUS-12MM-0750 970mm 750mm
BALUS-12MM-0800 970mm 800mm
BALUS-12MM-0850 970mm 850mm
BALUS-12MM-0900 970mm 900mm
BALUS-12MM-0950 970mm 950mm
BALUS-12MM-1000 970mm 1000mm
BALUS-12MM-1050 970mm 1050mm
BALUS-12MM-1100 970mm 1100mm
BALUS-12MM-1150 970mm 1150mm
BALUS-12MM-1200 970mm 1200mm
BALUS-12MM-1250 970mm 1250mm
BALUS-12MM-1300 970mm 1300mm
BALUS-12MM-1350 970mm 1350mm
BALUS-12MM-1400 970mm 1400mm
BALUS-12MM-1450 970mm 1450mm
BALUS-12MM-1500 970mm 1500mm
BALUS-12MM-1550 970mm 1550mm
BALUS-12MM-1600 970mm 1600mm
BALUS-12MM-0650 970mm 1650mm


Pool Fencing

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Pool Fencing

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Pool Fencing

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Quality Tested

All of our glass is Grade A toughened, with flat polished edges manufactured and tested to Australian Standards, with all tested here in sydney using Azuma and NATA. Our strict quality control procedures mean that you are assured of compliance with all relevant standards.


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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

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